The next issue of my favorite videogames magazine, GamesTM will feature a letter I wrote to them about Xbox Live Marketplace. I’m very chuffed as I was the first time I’d written into a magazine. The issue is out on 18 May. Here’s my letter….

This week saw Bethesda release a downloadable add-on for Oblivion. It consisted of two suits of horse armour, cost 200 Microsoft Points (£1.70) and quicky caused a backlash on the internet forums.

The idea that a developer can create and sell extra content to their games is initally appealing, and many gamers will happily pay to expand their favorite games. However what’s stopping the developer removing part of the original game (which appears to have happened here – before Oblivion was released, some screenshots showed horse armour) only to sell it at a later date? Is this just a sneaky way to increase the cost of games by charging us for stuff that should have been on the disc in the first place?

Yes these downloads are currently the videogame equivalent of a ringtone, but I fear it will not be long before a greedy developer/publisher decides to remove the last few levels of a game and sell them as extra content a week later.


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