Rock Band

I am stupidly excited for the UK release of Rock Band, perfectly arriving (Royal Mail willing) on my birthday, May 22nd. I love Guitar Hero, the rhythm-action game where you play along with rock anthems on a guitar shaped controller. It’s one of those games you keep going back to and can genuinely can make a musically-inept person like me feel like a rock star.

Rock Band steps it up several notches and adds drums, vocals, and bass guitar to the mix. The tracks listing looks fantastic, with 58 songs from the likes of Hole, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, R.E.M, David Bowie and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to name but six. There’s also over 100 downloadable tracks available at approx £1 each, with new tracks released every week.

All this comes at a price though. The RRP for the instrument pack and game disk is £180, controversially over double the price in the US. Although my pre-order at works out at £135.

I suspect it’s going to be a great laugh. I’ve already organised my first Rock Band party on my birthday weekend – photo’s up here shortly after, I’m sure!



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    […] Fit. The novelty had definitely wore off on that one, and I needed to clear out some room for Rock Band. I was hoping to get as near to the cost price (£70) as possible since it’s sold out […]

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