Selling stuff online for free

Yesterday I decided to sell my Wii Fit. The novelty had definitely wore off on that one, and I needed to clear out some room for Rock Band. I was hoping to get as near to the cost price (£70) as possible since it’s sold out everywhere and copies are going for over £100 on eBay. 

I didn’t want to go down the eBay route. Even though copies of the game are selling well there, I didn’t want to deal with eBay/Paypal fees and postage on such a large and heavy item. Instead I looked into ways of selling the game locally. I placed an advert on four websites (all for free), and this is what I found…

  1. Hot UK Deals. I’m a big fan of this site for finding great deals. It was the first time I’d posted on it. I initially received some negative responses, so gave up on selling it there, although later on I received a few offers (£50, then £75 although I’m not sure if these people lived locally). 
  2. Facebook Marketplace. Submitted the advert, but it never seemed to appear on the Marketplace. Seems to be very buggy, I’ve noticed adverts appearing and disappearing. The most recent ads are from a week ago, so either it’s not popular or they have server problems.
  3. Game Radar Forum. This is a games forum I frequent. They have a Trading Post forum, so tried my luck there, but had no takers. They’re all such enthusiasts there that anyone with an interest in the game already have it.
  4. Gumtree. This was the definite winner. I quickly had lots of interest. Accepted the first offer (£70) although had another 8 offers over the weekend (ranging from £50 – £80). It will definitely be my first port of call next time I have something to sell, and I obviously recommend them to you. 
Ironically later that night, Sheila was talking to a neigbour who said she had been looking for Wii Fit, and couldn’t get hold of a copy!! LOL. 

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One Response to “Selling stuff online for free”

  1. Sid Says:


    We have just launched a free ads site where you could have sold your Wii Fit. Ok, so the site has only just gone live, so it may have taken a wee while, but I’m sure, eventually, yeah, you’d have shifted it 🙂


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