AOL Customer Service Rant!

I recently gave my old iMac G4 to my mum. She wants to video-chat with my brother in Australia, so I looked into getting her on broadband. We decided to go with AOL, and signed up on their website on 22nd July.

A week or so later they sent a letter to say the phone line was ready and a router would be sent out in the next 3-5 days. We waited and waited, and I finally called to chase them up on 18th July. The girl assured me the router had been sent and asked that I allow until the following Monday for it to arrive. By Tuesday it still hadn’t arrived, so another call was made. This time I was through to their Indian call centre, and was told they would send another router and to allow another 3-5 days.

When I called back a third time a few days later, they dropped to bombshell – I was told that due to a glitch on their system no router had never been sent. They admitted I had been lied to by their staff in the previous two calls. They had no time frame for the problem to be resolved, and had no way of manually sending me a router. Their solution? They would pass me to the disconnections department where I could get a MAC code and go elsewhere for my broadband!! Unbelievable!

Please leave a comment to share your experiences, or to recommend UK broadband services you’re happy with.


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