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Abbie’s first day at school

August 21, 2008

EyePet – This looks awesome!

August 20, 2008

Sony today announced the late 2009 release of EyePet for PS3 in PAL regions.

EyePet is described as the ultimate pet for modern living. Developed by SCEE, EyePet will react to its owner’s every move and hopes to provide hours of virtual entertainment for the entire family. EyePet is a simian-like pet who lives in an on-screen picture of your living room which has been captured second by second on PlayStation Eye.

The power of the PS3 has been used to bring EyePet to life with lifelike fur and animations, plus intelligent interaction with its owners and the environment. The PlayStation Eye allows the EyePet to be aware of people in the room and will react with those it sees. Place an object in front of the camera that EyePet has seen before and it’ll know exactly what to do, but show it something new and it will examine it thoroughly. Tickle it by waving your fingers in front of the camera and it will laugh, poke it and it will jump, roll a ball and EyePet will chase after it.