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Project: Fightstick (Part 1)

February 23, 2009

Last week marked the release of Street Fighter IV on consoles. I’ve always fancied an arcade joystick, really the best way to play such fighting games. Unfortunately I missed out on getting my hands on one of the very limited SFIV sticks (currently being sold on eBay for £200-£550!!). Looking around on the net I discovered lots of people have built their own joystick, and taking inspiration from some stunning examples, I’ve decided to design and make my own.

Put simply, creating the stick breaks down into…

  • Stripping the PCM board out an old controller
  • Building a box from wood and plexiglass, with holes for the buttons and joystick
  • Soldering wires between the PCM board and the buttons

I have enlisted the help of my friend, an electrical engineer, for the soldering and my brother is keen to help build the box (unfortunately he lives in Australia!). I have ordered the following parts from Gremlin Solutions. They are high quality arcade parts from one of the best manufacturers in the world, Sanwa..

  • 6 x OBSN-30 (White) for Punch/Kick Buttons
  • 3 x OBSN-24 (Blue) for Start/Select/360 Guide
  • 1 x JLW-TM-8 (White ball top) Joystick

Parts are going to take a week or two to arrive. Meanwhile I am designing the box in Adobe Illustrator, and working out the best layout for the buttons.