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Project: Fightstick (Part 4)

March 20, 2009

It’s done!! Got my buttons from Gremlin Solutions, and Jamie soldered the pcm last night. A lot easier with thin wire. I’m pretty pleased with the end product. My box is rather amateurish – I managed to crack the plexiglass in the corner, and might replace it at some point. It works a treat though.


Project: Fightstick (Part 3)

March 11, 2009

Still waiting for my buttons to arrive from Gremlin Solutions. They’re now hoping to have stock in the next few days.

In the meantime I had a rather unsuccessful attempt at the soldering. A lot of lessons learned though. I’ve bought a Madcatz Gamestick controller to take the pcm board from. It’s alot easier to solder than the official xbox controller, as there’s larger contacts and no plastic coating to scrap off. It’s got a common ground too, so we can daisy chain the ground wire to every button. We used 20 AWG wire, which was too thick. Next time we’ll use 22 or 24 gauge. Going to buy a hot glue gun to secure the solder joints too.

I also got the box frame built, and painted. Photos below. Taking shape now!

Project: Fightstick (Part 2)

March 5, 2009

My joystick and small buttons arrived yesterday (action buttons will arrive next week) so I made a start on creating the fightstick. I cut out three layers for the face of the box. The top layer is made from plexiglass with holes for the buttons and joystick shaft. The next layer made of 3mm plywood has the holes for the buttons, and a rectangle cut out for the joystick plate. Then the third layer of 8mm wood has a smaller hole for the joystick box, allowing the plate to be screwed to it, and a large hole cut out around the buttons to allow access to screw the buttons to the other layers.

I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turning out so far, considering I have no experience in woodworking whatsoever. The wood isn’t cut extremely well, but this wont be seen when the artwork and plexi is on top. My biggest disappointment was the plexi glass has some cracks between the buttons, but this should be mostly covered by the button tops. I have another piece of plexi, so might take another go with that.

Tonight Jamie and I start soldering the electronics.

Photos speak a thousand words…

(After taking this photo I cut the rectangle out for the joystick plate)

Printed the artwork for the face, which will sit under the plexiglass.