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The Lost Soul Band

December 29, 2008

LOSTSOULBAND A2The Lost Soul Band are one of my favorite bands, but I didn’t get into them until long after they’d split up. So I was very excited to hear they were reuniting for a special pair of gigs (one in Edinburgh, one in Glasgow), which meant I could see them live for the first time. The gig was last night, and as fantastic as I had hoped.

By coincidence I was asked to design the gig poster (left), and several newspaper adverts for the gig.

Gig photos here!


Photos from Feist gig

May 21, 2008

FeistWent to see Feist play The Queens Hall, Edinburgh last night. I’ve posted a few photos from the gig on flickr. Nice gig, she has some great songs and some which are on the dull side. The projections behind the band were all being created live, which was pretty impressive.